Hoarders: Babykit Edition

So with the party this coming week, Bill and I are trying to put some finishing touches on the house in it’s current state (we still need to paint each room, etc…). Last night Bill brought in our bedframe and we rearranged the bedroom. This also involved moving his dresser to a better location for the television. When he moved it, this is what we found:

I think our kitten needs an intervention.

7 thoughts on “Hoarders: Babykit Edition

    1. Oh totally. She is looking at Bill as if asking "Why did you uncover my toys daddy? Now I will haz to move and hide thems again". Which she promptly started doing haha.

  1. Last year I was cleaning my room and I found a nest made out of a curtain under my desk, with a bunch of stuffed toys and some sock "babies" that my cat had apparently been looking after. (Also, shows how often I use my desk, haha.) I'm sure if I looked a little harder I'd find similar scenes all over the place! Cats are intense hoarders!

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