What do I do on a Saturday? I wake up at 8 am is what I do.

What else do I do on a Saturday? I decide to scrub my living room and kitchen.

Not that I really wanted to do either of those things. I woke up at 8 because Zedd was crying his head off. I grabbed him, cuddled him, and when I tried to doze back off, I failed miserably. So I stumbled downstairs and got online. After realizing none of the other 3 people that live here with Bill and I were going to clean up the train wreck they left in the living room, I started picking up. Then vacuuming. Then steam cleaning. No, I’m not angry at all. Okay, yeah, I am. I’ve sat in the living room a total of maybe two times to watch TV in the past month. Yet the past 5 weeks I am always the one cleaning it up on Saturdays. Whatever…

While emptying the steam cleaner I notice also that Dustin has been slacking on his kitchen duties. Knowing that I am really pushing myself to start cooking at home more, I start wiping off the stove. Then I remove the burners, clean the underplate of the stove, the counters, then the floor.

I finally stopped cleaning around 2. Knowing Bill would be home soon I start sorting through the cupboards looking for stuff to make for lunch. Upon finding nothing interesting I turn to my folder of recipes and start looking.

Then I find the recipe that makes the whole damn day worth it.

It was so good, it should be illegal. It probably is in 5 states.


Speaking of recipes, anyone have a fantastic lunch recipe they’d like to share? I’m in dire need of some new lunchtime foods to nom on.

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