1001 Posts

You know you’ve been blogging for a really long time when you login to post and you’re greeted by 1000 posts in your dashboard.

And that’s just the archives I have saved over the years. In all I’ve probably lost around 500 some odd posts through shear negligence on my part. My archives start on January 27th, 2001. This year marks 11 years of blogging online, starting with livejournal, then blogger, then self hosted. It’s kind of crazy to think about.

I am thinking though that alot of the very old stuff I may make private. It’s old, and reflects a much younger, and stupider me and while I enjoy having the archives, I don’t really feel the need at this point to share them publicly. So if anyone has any suggestions for a good plugin that would make older entries private and/or lock them, it would be greatly appreciated =).

Hoarders: Babykit Edition

So with the party this coming week, Bill and I are trying to put some finishing touches on the house in it’s current state (we still need to paint each room, etc…). Last night Bill brought in our bedframe and we rearranged the bedroom. This also involved moving his dresser to a better location for the television. When he moved it, this is what we found:

I think our kitten needs an intervention.

List Of Things

I have alot going on. It seems to be a constant, but it seems now that I am in a whirlwind of a crunch. So I present a list:

  • Still working 40 hours a week and this month marks a year there.
  • I turn 30 this month. Yes, 30. I’ excited and terrified at the same time.
  • I finally have insurance that allows me to go and see a reproductive¬†endocrinologist. Now I just have to force myself to go.
    • I’ve finally made peace with the fact that I am just not going to get pregnant on my own. It’s only taken me 4+ years, heh.
  • I’m having an awesome birthday & housewarming party the weekend of the 10th. I am sure I will be tore up, from the floor up and having a blast.
  • My puppy no longer looks like a puppy :(. He looks like a miniature dog.
  • I love my house, but there is always so much to do and clean. So TIRING.

Anyway… new layout as well, yada, yada. More Winston pictures, coming ASAP ;)

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