I Got a Denture

V__7D80Yes, you are reading the title correctly. Yesterday I had my 12 remaining upper teeth pulled and an immediate denture placed. This has been something I have needed for years. Ever since I got dental coverage when I started my new job, I have been trying to mentally prepare myself to go and have this done. Two weeks ago my hand was forced. I woke up that Wednesday and the right upper side of my face was completely swollen. I had an abscess for the first time in years.

Since it was so close to christmas I couldn’t reach the oral surgeon my doctor had recommended me too and ended up going to Aspen dental. Once I was in there I explained my situation and when the dentist confirmed that I did in fact need a full upper denture I told him to get everything started. I was already in there, and I knew if they got it all scheduled I couldn’t back out.

They got it together so well, that I had my extractions yesterday. They gave me Triazolam, a form of conscious sedation, shot me up with Novocaine and out they came. Immediately after that they placed my denture and today this is how I’m looking.

I’m sure some of you might have noticed over social media that I’ve been fairly forthcoming about this whole thing. I think that if I can open up about it, and if I can help one younger person settle on the idea or feel more comfortable about it, then good. I found it really hard to find resources online that weren’t directed towards the elderly. But, now that I’ve done my research I’ve found there are a ton of people out there in the 20-40+ range that have dentures. Just most of them are too ashamed to admit it, and I find that sad.

It is what it is, and whats done is done, and you need to keep your health and happiness in mind. This is without a doubt the single best present I have ever given myself. And no one should ever be so ashamed they can’t give themselves this gift as well.

Since posting publicly about this I’ve even had a couple of people contact me directly to say they have a denture as well and that they think it’s awesome I can be so confident about it. So if anyone else has to go through the same thing, or has questions, don’t ever hesitate to ask :).

I’ve cross posted this in a few places, sorry if this is a duplicate to you.

Better Late Then Never

I always say I should blog more often. Then I don’t. I make notes to myself while at work, or out and about, and then once I get home I get sucked into something else (reading, cooking, dog park, house chores, etc… ) and then I completely forget. It’s always something I will get to later.

I guess alot of it comes down to feeling as though my life is boring. Mundane. Bland. My weekly schedule is essentially sleep, work, cook, read, sleep. Rinse and repeat. The weekend brings some distraction, but by the time it rolls around the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen sadly. Especially with the nice weather here and the amount of house and yard I have to take care of there is always something else to do.

I printed out the AdWords study material, double sided and this is what I have...Anyway, for those who don’t know. I started a new job this month. It’s with a local IT company as a web specialist. I am back to doing what I love and loving every single minute of it. I’ve just finished up my first project and I have a client coming in next week to teach them how to use WordPress. It feels good to be back to doing what I love. Creating well designed websites that are SEO friendly and easy for even a novice user to update. As well as working in SEO again, and soon PPC.

I also have a monster sized binder to study because I am going to be AdWords certified again. The test has seriously changed since I last took it, but between the study aids from Google and a book from work, I think I will have it handled. I barely studied last time and passed so I am pretty confident.

All in all, things are really great right now. I just finished up reading the Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin and I’m on Season 1 Episode 2 of Game of Thrones, so maybe I won’tĀ disappearĀ again? Not making any promises, but I can’t think of anything else I want to read right now, and typically that is what grabs my attention away from being online and/or playing video games. Of course, I do have Diablo 3 coming out in a couple weeks, so I can’t promise anything.

How has everyone else been? I miss anything fun?

1001 Posts

You know you’ve been blogging for a really long time when you login to post and you’re greeted by 1000 posts in your dashboard.

And that’s just the archives I have saved over the years. In all I’ve probably lost around 500 some odd posts through shear negligence on my part. My archives start on January 27th, 2001. This year marks 11 years of blogging online, starting with livejournal, then blogger, then self hosted. It’s kind of crazy to think about.

I am thinking though that alot of the very old stuff I may make private. It’s old, and reflects a much younger, and stupider me and while I enjoy having the archives, I don’t really feel the need at this point to share them publicly. So if anyone has any suggestions for a good plugin that would make older entries private and/or lock them, it would be greatly appreciated =).

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