Why I Started Fresh

slowWP I know this is random, but I thought a change of blog ‘scenery’ was due. I decided while I loved having all of my old archives together in one place, I no longer really wanted them to be public. So with my new step in life, I decided to start the blog afresh. New last name, new blog, same person.

Well, hopefully more of me.

I think part of my mental block in blogging more often was just how damn messy, slow, unorganized, slow, hectic, and did I mention slow it was? I tried to tackle categorizing everything, tagging it, etc… but got nowhere pretty quickly. So I figured, hey! I just got married! That’s probably an awesome time to start fresh!

So here we have it. Same old Angie, fresh new blog, hopefully more posting action.

But you can’t hold me to that!

Married 09/09/09

Yesterday at a bit after 2, I became Angela Bergmann. It was, without a doubt the happiest day of my life. I will blog more about it later this weekend when I’m feeling more rested. Until then some pictures:


Walking down the stairs to go outside and get married.


After the ring exchange.


First kiss as husband and wife.


Being announced as Mr. & Mrs. Bergmann.


The wedding party in the grotto.


Kissing and posing by the lake.

The rest are up on my Flickr in the wedding set.

The Fur Babies

After my most recent post, Caity commented that she had hoped I would post pictures of all of the fur babies we have in our house. Since I didn’t, I told her I would put them in a post of their own. Without further ado, let me introduce the many crazy fur babies we live with:

We’ll start with random fur babies!

Chloe, our rabbit:


The ferrets, Max, Tiki, and Lexi:


Then onto the dogs:

Our stray find, Jane Dog:


And of course the sisters, Sam and Max:


And lastly, the cats:

We have another set of sisters, Mara and Kahlan:


Then Bella “grande”:








Bella “minor”:


And last, but certainly not least, our only male cat and resident grumpy old man, Frisco:


5 Words

Caity recently blogged about 5 words another blogger gave to her to blog about. I asked her to give me 5 words, so here they are!


Ha! I have alot of pets in my house, there is no doubt about that. Bill had 1 cat when I moved in with him, and I had 2. From there we got a rabbit, and then 2 dogs when we moved into our house. When our roommates moved in, they brought along 5 cats and 3 ferrets. Then there is the stray we found in our yard. Needless to say it is very furry and very crazy around here sometimes. But we cherish all of our pets and make sure to take the time to spend with each of them everyday. For Bill and I our pets are just as important to us as any children we would have, and they are all treated as such.


Having children is extremely important to me. While I am more then willing to adopt if I can’t get pregnant, experiencing it myself is very very important to me. I want at least 2 kids, as does Bill. He also wants to do everything he can to make it possible for me to stay home with them while they are young and work part-time after that. It’s most definitely a goal we have and one of the many reasons why we are getting married.


Getting married is one of the most important decisions in my entire life. I had a charmed childhood, with parents who were very much in love with each other and always constantly showed it. Seeing my parents and how madly in love they were always pushed me to find that one person for me. The person who I know is there for me, who makes me feel invincible and cared for. Feminism be damned, I very strongly believe that a working relationship needs to involve both parties giving up a part of themselves to make the one person they need to be together. If you can’t let go of yourself enough to feel as you need your significant other, your simply setting yourself up for failure in my mind. Luckily though, I have found that one person for me, and in less then a month, we will be vowing to spend the rest of our days together. Something we both take very seriously.


You should never, ever stop learning. Thats something my parents instilled in me from a young age and a mantra I live by daily. No matter how poor your schooling, there is never a reason to stop learning and pushing oneself. The only thing I lament is the fact that anymore, a piece of paper means more then a tangible example of capabilities. There are plenty of people in any number of fields who are more then capable of doing a job, but because they haven’t put themselves through the debt of college they are overlooked. A piece of paper does not by any means show capability.


I love to cook, I have since I was very little. It helps that I also grew up around women who loved to cook. I’m also thankful that my Mom started teaching me how to cook from a very young age, otherwise alot of her recipes would be lost. Generally I am very much a southern style cook, despite being a northerner. All the women I learned from were southerners so it definitely rubbed off on me!

That’s it from me! If you would like 5 words to answer from me, just make a request in the comments and I will e-mail them to you!

Fingers Crossed

With all the craziness that’s been going on lately, I haven’t had too much time to myself, or to write, take pictures, or even sleep. Which while it isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, it is starting to wear me thin. Over the past month I have quit smoking, actively worked on wedding planning, been to a funeral, pushed myself harder at work, and supported and helped Bill in finding work.

It’s been pretty crazy. But everything is slowly coming together. I feel like I am busting at the seams sometimes though. The quitting went fine. Work is fine. Helping Bill find a job is fine.

It’s the wedding planning. And not for the obvious reasons. We’re keeping everything very very simple, casual, and relaxed. The planning has become such a burden on me because at every moment I am doing it I am constantly reminded that neither my Mom, or my Aunt who was there for me as a Mom after my Mom died are there for me. I have no woman in my life to turn to that’s knows what to do for a wedding. No woman who could impart her knowledge of being married for 20+ years to me. While outside women can do it, it isn’t the same.

I haven’t even tried on a wedding dress yet because the thought of standing in a wedding store surrounded by other bride-to-be’s and their mothers makes me want to crawl into a corner and cry out of jealousy.

It all brings about a jealousy in me, that is so deep seated it almost terrifies me. It aches to feel it. It’s a sensation that is so rarely stoked for me anymore, that I had almost forgotten how much the heat of that fire burns.

But burn it does.

So it’s hard. On top of the extreme irritability of quitting smoking, I am trying to keep my cool emotionally, to not let my jealousy at something out of my control take control of me.

This week though I reached a boiling point with it. The money I had counted on for paying the wedding costs with was delayed. Until September. Much too late to be paying for the wedding with. So it looked as though the perfect planning I had pushed myself through might all be for nothing. Bill and I think quickly on what we can do to avoid canceling the wedding and we hit an idea.

I have a (albeit luckily) paid off investment sitting in the driveway in the shape of a 4 door sport sedan. I also now live in a house, on an uphill street, that gets covered in snow and not salted, with 3 dogs that range from 35 pounds to 90 pounds each. Bill has also gotten a job, that is also 20 minutes from home that requires him to not only get his license, but be at work at 5:30 in the morning. I don’t have to be at work until 10 am if I want. We are a one car family at current standing.

So the idea hit us. We can trade down my car. I can get an SUV that will hold dogs, and children, and be all wheel drive. We can also afford a very cheap car for Bill, and get a bit of money back to pay for the wedding.

So this week has been and will continue to be crazy. I found a Kiwi Mettallic 2006 Honda Element EX-P that I test drove yesterday and fell madly in love with. We’re going today after I get off work to the dealership to have them look at my car and see what the offer is. So with any luck I will have a new to me car, a paid off wedding with every extra trimming I personally wanted, with enough to get Bill a decent car (he wants a Saturn Vue which we could afford) and insurance.

So, fingers crossed here and everything will fall perfectly in place with any luck.