Proof That My Animals Are Odd

Not that I needed actual proof. I knew this already. While out buying cat litter one night at a local pet shop we had just found we came across the cutest little rabbit. Wanting a friend for Chloe still, we couldn’t pass him up, so we bought him and brought him home. After pondering over names (I wanted Kirby, Bill wanted Cribbs) we agreed on naming him Austin. Not willing to take any risks, Bill and I went out to Lowe’s to buy the materials to build a more expansive cage like the one we had Chloe in. After being up until 2 am throwing it together, it was done. We now call it the bunny condo:

A couple of days later I was looking into the sunroom to check the rabbits water and I see Zedd sleeping in Austin’s side with Austin. At first we were sort of worried, but when I pulled Zedd out Austin actually appeared to be upset. So I put him back and just kept an eye on it. Now, Zedd and Bella both like to sleep in Austin’s side with him, and cuddle with him while they do it.

Not that I need more proof that our animals are odd or anything. But seriously, a cat cuddling with a rabbit?

This doesn’t even include our kitten rescue Chase’s newest trick with Bill:

LOLcats doesn’t quite cover it for my house. LOLanimals is more like it. At least I can say there is never a dull moment in my house.

Day 06 – Your day

Today is our typical lazy Sunday. Bill and I were up late last night building a new bunny condo so we slept in till about 10 am, which is super late for us. We got up and got the dogs up, then scooped the cat boxes and spent some time with the kitties, and then with the bunnies. I got our new bunny Austin out (Poppy got very sick and passed away last week, so Bill let me get a new bunny yesterday, pictures to come soon). After cuddling with Austin and petting Chloe for a bit we got dressed and headed out to pick up Bill’s friend Jason to watch the Browns game.

We ran to Walmart quickly to pick up hamburger for tonight’s dinner (chili) and picked up Subway for lunch while we were there. Since then we have been vegging out on the couch watching football. I sat for a bit and tried to use my “Learn to Knit” book and a website, but failed miserably and got confused about casting on. Tonight will be spent cooking said chili, eating, watching more football, and possibly some laundry.

How has your Sunday been? Is Sunday your lazy day?

Day 05 – Your definition of love

My definition of love is really simple. The person who completes you. The person you trust, is your best friend, and lights up a room when you see them. I miss my husband when I’m at work. I’m excited to see him when I get home. I can trust him, and know he will tell me the truth, even if I don’t like it. He thinks I’m beautiful when I feel ugly, and makes me feel like I am the only person that matters.

That to me, is love.

Day 04 – What you ate today

Todays topic really sucks for me, as I don’t eat that much. Today I had about 2 cups of cheddar explosion and pretzel goldfish crackers for lunch. For dinner, Bill and I actually went out and had Cici’s. I had 2 pieces of white pizza, and a piece of macaroni and cheese pizza, and a breadstick.

My eating is one thing I am trying to work on slowly. I normally don’t eat enough in general. So I’m working on trying to eat breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack, and then dinner. Not going so well so far though sadly.

Day 03 – Your parents

I waited a day to do this post as today marks 15 years since my Mom died. In recent years I have been generally okay on the anniversary, but this year it has really hit me hard. Despite the marker of my being alive longer without her, then with her being last year, this year that fact really hit me. I think alot of things factor into it this year. Trying to get pregnant is of course a big one. I don’t have a go-to woman to ask about things. I don’t know what pregnancy was like for my Mom. That plus the falling out we’ve had with my not so great to begin with mother in law, leaves me with a big void, that while it has always effected me, has gotten worse in the past couple of years. There’s so many things I want to share with them.

Anyway, onto my parents. My Dad was born May 26, 1956 in Texas City, Texas. His name was William Blake Jones, but everyone knew him as Blake. He even had friends that didn’t know his real name was William until he died. He was around 6’5″ and he weighted around 250 lbs for most of my life. He had dark brown eyes and hair so dark brown it was black looking, which he kept short, and was super curly (he had a fro in the 70’s).He was your typical 70’s rocker/stoner/jock and he is without a doubt one of the smartest men I have ever met. He could have done anything he wanted, but ended up being a stay at home Dad (which is rare in the 80’s).

My Mom was born August 17, 1956 in Barberton, Ohio. My mom stayed in Akron for a while before moving to Buchannon, West Virginia for high school. When she graduated she moved back to Akron and lived with her her sister Paula (My Aunt Paulie that died a few months before my Dad). She had dirty blonde hair, and bright blue eyes (which my brother has the little jerk). She was only 5’2″ and a half (cannot forget the half) and she was typically around 220 lbs throughout my childhood.

My parents met through mutual friends. My Aunt Paula and my Mom had a friend named Pam Witschey. Pam was dating my Dads best friend Gordie. I guess everyone thought my parents would work well together and they got set up on a date. From that date on they were inseparable I’ve been told. They got married on February 21, 1976 when they were 19 years old after dating for 6 months.

My parents went to alot of concerts together. I think somewhere in the 200-300 range. They saw every great classic rock band, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, KISS, Sabbath, you name it. Music was probably there biggest passion, outside of each other.

My parents were married for just 6 months shy of 20 years when my Mom died. My mom died a little more then one month after her 39th birthday of a massive heart attack. The day my Mom died, a part of my Dad went with her. After my Mom died is when my Dad stopped taking care of himself. He was truly lost without her. He’d even told me once before that the only reason he hadn’t killed himself after my Mom died was because he loved my brother and I too much.

My Dad died on July 6th, 2008. He had a stroke in November of ’07 and just never really recovered. Alot of it was due to him neglecting himself over the years. I think he felt like my brother and I had reached a point where we were okay, and he could just let go of all the pain.

My parents relationship was my example of what love could be. Although Bill and I have both said neither of us would go to the extreme my Dad did (we would both date after the other was gone, etc). They taught me how awesome a relationship could be, and gave me a goal for what love could be like. I was really lucky in that my parents really truly loved each other, and showed it. They’d always snuggle on the couch together and watch tv, my Dad would hug my Mom and kiss her while she made dinner, etc…

I was a really lucky kid to have had the parents I had growing up, and even though I don’t have them any longer, I try to live by there example to show people what a good person my parents raised, since they aren’t around to show everyone what good people they were.