My Ovaries, They Hate Me

As the title states, I have found out over the past few weeks that my ovaries are very, very angry at me. Which I’m not quite sure I understand. I mean, it isn’t like I’m not actively trying to use them. Bill and I have been working very diligently at getting me knocked up for over a year now. None the less, they’re very angry, and have decided that now is the perfect time to throw a temper tantrum.

It all started a few weeks ago. I’ve had cysts off and on since I started getting my period, so the brief pain of the occasional ruptured cyst is not foreign to me. So when I had abdominal pain in my lower right abdomen a few weeks ago, I thought nothing of it. I was about halfway through my cycle and figured it was either ovulation or a cyst. Either would go away after a day or 2. Well after about a week, it still hurt. Then one day it just stopped and I figured it must have been a particularly bad cyst. A couple weeks after that my period started and I was celebrating, because that typically gets rid of any problematic cysts I have.

Well, halfway through my period, the pain started again with a vengeance. It was bad enough that I actually left work early, came home, and have Bill come with me to the hospital. I figured it was either an exceptionally bad cyst, or it could be my appendix, and with a family history of cervical and uterine cancer, I wasn’t going to play chicken with this pain any longer.

So I get to the hospital and once I get into the back I get a catheter, as being on my period makes it basically impossible for them to get a clean urine sample. I was terrified of it, but seriously, it didn’t hurt at all. It also ended up being a bonus later on. So after that I also receive a pelvic, and sure enough, it’s a cyst. So I get wheeled back for an ultrasound. Which is where the catheter is actually handy, because I didn’t have to drink a damn thing for it. They simply pumped the needed fluid into me through the catheter, and BAM perfect image. The ultrasounds (abdominal and vaginal) showed alot of fluid around my right ovary, a couple of small cysts, but lots of follicles, and the left was completely clear.

So all in all, okay-ish news. Of course, now those other couple cysts seem to have decided to flare up this month and I’ve been having bouts of the same pain. All I know is that it’s getting really annoying. On the plus side though, my ovaries look healthy, and the woman said there are plenty of healthy looking follicles, so it just must be poor luck thats keeping me barren. At least that is what I’m hoping. It did take my Mom 5 yers to get knocked up with me.

Things I Hide From People

A couple weeks ago I signed up for the We Blog It challenge over at DayDreamz Message Board. Being the noob I am, I almost forgot! But I didn’t and here I am. Our topic this week is things we hide from people. This is actually an exceptionally hard one for me to answer, because truthfully, I don’t hide anything. Except one thing.

I hide my smile. My teeth are in horrific shape. It’s a genetic thing, but the natural thought from the public at large is that I am obviously unclean. And I’m ashamed of it. I just haven’t been able to afford the coverage or the cost to get my teeth pulled and get dentures. So when I smile, laugh, you name it, I always cover my mouth. I’ve been doing it for so many years, it’s an automatic reaction. I don’t even have to think about it.

Everything else, I’m basically an open book. I have no shame about my weight, my sex life, my negative aspects, whatever. I am who I am, and I don’t see a point in hiding it. But when I smile, it feels like everyone is staring at me and thinking how nasty I am. So I hide it.

Happy August

I can’t believe it’s August already. I’ve had so much going on, I feel like it’s still the beginning of July sometimes, and other times it feels like 5 years from now. I’ve mainly been up to thoroughly cleaning the house, reading, and working. Lots of working and reading mostly. Most of the cleaning has been getting done by Bill, as he’s much better at it and not as lazy as me heh.

I have had some awesome things happening lately though. Last month I attended my Uncle Jeff’s wedding, and also got to see my Aunt Linda and Uncle Bud as they came up to see my Uncle get married. I also got hired in officially at my job! So now all I need is a nice part-time gig for spending money and things are absolutely perfect! I also went to a party at my best friends house on the 4th, both to celebrate the 4th and as a going away party for her sister. Her unit got activated and she is in Afghanistan for the next year. This is the same woman who met her current boyfriend at Bill and I’s wedding, a good friend of Bill’s.

While there, Rachel loaned me her Sookie Stackhouse books to read and I tore through them in about 2 weeks. The only one I haven’t read yet is the most recent one and I’m dying to get my hands on it. I also want to watch True Blood now, as I love, love, love the books!

I also put up a new layout. Thanks to my job, I have learned alot about using Illustrator and decided to put some of that new knowledge to use and make a new layout, so here ya go. Comments and suggestions are more then welcome. How has everyone else’s summer been so far?

It’s Summer Baby!

I have been SO busy. The past two weeks have been kind of nuts! I started my new job, got the house totally cleaned out, had a baby raccoon visitor, and had online friends here for 5 days! Plus, the nice weather! Not too hot, not to cold, yet. Although we did have some unseasonably cool weather the whole time Miranda and Cyrus were here.

So whats been down with me? Well, I started my job. Which, so far, is amazing. It is by far the most perfect job for me I have had, ever. I work in Illustrator, typesetting and aligning peoples art, logo’s, whatever for printing on things like keychains, coin purses, mirror cases, etc. And the people I work with are nice. So I’m super stoked!

DSCF0051Over the past couple of weeks we’ve also had a small furry visitor. I guess the rustling noises from under the deck were coming from a baby raccoon who has made his home there. He’s a brave little guy too. He sits out in the front yard at night and eats and wanders about, even though we’re on the porch. We also had an accidental run in with him up close and personal while leaving one night. It was raining around 10pm and Bill and I wanted to run out for some food. When we got outside, Bill stepped down onto the steps, stopped and went OMG! We looked down and the little raccoon stepped right onto his foot! Right onto it! Then froze, looked up, and started hissing, because he didn’t realize Bill’s boot was attached to a person. It was seriously the most OMG WTF moment ever. We just stood there, staring at him, while he backed up and hissed himself into a tizzy.

Then we had Miranda and Cyrus here for close to a week from Kentucky. It was AWESOME having them here and I am so sad they had to leave. I’ve known Miranda for probably close to 8 years online, and we met back in September for dinner finally. Well, she has family that lives in Akron, so when I heard they were going to be coming up here for Cyrus’s vacation I invited them to stay with Bill and I. It was awesome! They brought their pc’s and we set them up in the living room with us and we spent a good amount of time all playing WoW together. It was awesome! I seriously miss those two like crazy though, it just felt so natural to have them hanging out with us! Hopefully someday we’ll be able to do it all the time!

So what has everyone else been up to?