Finally Have My Laptop Back

So, about 3 weeks ago, I was sitting at work checking my email quickly and my laptop seemed to freeze. I let it sit for about 20 minutes and it never un-froze, so I hard booted it. When it started back up, it was like my worst nightmare come true. It wouldn’t completely start up, but not only that, the screen had purple and blue pixelated boxes everywhere. I freaked and im’d Bill. He looked into it and it turns out my Macbook probably fit into the model with the faulty Nvidia graphics card.

However, due to being massively busy, I didn’t get around to making a Genius Bar appointment until this Saturday. Realistically I hadn’t realized how anxious and nervous the whole situation made me until the Genius at the store scanned my serial # and did some readings, then turned, looked at me, and told me I did have the faulty graphics card and it would be replaced for free.

At that moment I thought I was going to faint. Especially once I saw what the total was otherwise ($526).

I then had even more luck because they happened to have my logicboard in stock, so they told me in about 3 days my laptop should be ready for pickup. They then called the very next day, yesterday, and told me I could pick my laptop up at anytime. And now I have my baby back and realized just how lost I felt without my laptop. It isn’t even like I didn’t have a laptop at all. I did. I could use Bill’s at home and he let me use the netbook for work, but it really just wasn’t the same. I missed my baby. And now I have it back.

Untitled So that puts this thing as close to brand new, except for the outer case. In the past year the top deck, keyboard, cd drive, and now the entire logic board has been replaced. The only original parts of this laptop still are the screen and the hard drive pretty much.

Here’s to hoping it lasts at least one more year (Bill gets a new laptop this year, I will probably get a new one next year).

Introducing Winston

I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

We’ve finally gotten completely settled in and are about 90% unpacked, so I should be able to remember to blog more frequently now.

In other news, we got an awesome christmas present, a purebred german shepherd puppy. Meet Winston:




We Can Start

So the landlords wife called me yesterday to give me all the utility information for the house. After she gave me all the numbers (we finally have city water again, SCORE!) she also asked if we wanted to go ahead and start moving in. I of course was like “OMG yes!!!”. So she told me where the spare keys were hidden in the garage and we are getting copies made today. We started some small stuff last night, taking over a load of rarely used kitchen stuff to sit on the counters, etc.

Today we are going over and cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and starting to set them up. We’re also going to unpack the stuff that we know is going into the built in shelving, etc. Then we’re going to be going to setup delivery for the living room furniture we want.

I still can’t believe that is my house. It seems so surreal. Growing up where I did in Akron, Stow was one of those cities I dreamed of living in, because only “rich people” lived there. Now I’m living there. It’s so crazy to wrap my head around. Just goes to show how some childhood views stick with you into adulthood.

I also got my camera fixed I think, so I will get some pictures of the house today. Until then I’ll just post my crappy camera phone shot I got of the fireplace last night after we got it setup.


Movin’ On Up

I haven’t posted in forever because things have been crazy hectic around here. As some know, Bill and I have lived here in the same house in Kent for going on 2 and a half years now. We’ve been semi looking for an upgrade, as the house we currently live in is very old, very run down, and expensive for what we get. So for the past 6+ months I’ve been running an ad on CraigsList about us, what we are looking for, what pets we have, and how much we are willing to pay. We were mostly interested in a rent to own or land contract type of situation, on a decent amount of land, with 3+ bedrooms and at least one and a half baths.

We’d gotten a few hits from the ad, but nothing we were really interested in, as most of the houses were outside of our target area (Kent, Stow, Brimfield, Mogadore, Suffield. Basically a country or suburb setting with good schools). I hadn’t run the ad for about a month and on a whim threw it back up in the beginning of October. A couple days later I got an email giving me the address for a house in stow that is up for Rent, Sell, or Rent to Own. We went out and toured the outside and were instantly intrigued. The email hadn’t given me a price for the house, so when I got home I looked it up. Turns out it was in our price range. So without even seeing the inside of this house, we are basically sold. I email them back and we schedule to see the inside of the house.

Once we saw the inside, we were beyond sold. From the outside the house looked HUGE, but it turns out it can be bigger still inside. The basic house stats are:

  • 6 bedrooms
  • Laundry room upstairs
  • Office upstrairs
  • 3 1/2 bathrooms
  • Den
  • Formal living room with fireplace & built in shelving
  • Den
  • Formal dining room with built in shelving
  • Eat in kitchen
  • Deck
  • 3/4 acres
  • Attached garage
  • Fenced garden
  • Jaccuzi and swingset in the backyard
  • Patio off master bedroom

The jacuzzi is simply a nice bonus, not something we were looking for and the only thing the house lacks is a completely fenced in area for the dogs, which will be easy to fix by picking up 4 sheets of fencing. It also has the old garage in the back with a built in chicken coop and run, as well as a shed next to the garden.

Overall, I am in awe of this house. It is everything I ever wanted in a house and more. The other HUGE bonus to this house is that it is back in Summit County so my brother is also going to be living with us and renting a room.

I am beyond excited to move, needless to say. We already have half of our boxes over there in the garage (he gave us the garage clicker when we paid the deposit to start moving boxes). We finish all the paperwork for the house and get the keys next Tuesday and will be moving the 18th and 19th. We’re gonna rent for 6 months while we have the house inspected, etc, and then we’ll be getting an attorney to setup/look over purchasing the house! I’m so excited!

Fall, Why Do You Hate Me?

It is most definitely fall here. You want to know how I know?

It isn’t the the pile of leaves I need to rake out of my front yard. It isn’t the heavenly apple and pumpkin scented items on sale at the stores. It isn’t even being able to purchase my beloved apple cider.

It’s the fever, runny nose, headache, cough, and sore throat I have going on. It’s being home sick due to lack of sleep and having to make a mad run to the bathroom everytime I cough for the second time in 2 weeks (okay, so last time it was a fever, but you catch my drift).

So now I’m begging mother nature. I love fall. I love jeans, hoodies, and comfy boots weather. But why do you insist on making me feel this way every year? Why?

Can’t I just enjoy you in peace? Please?