Tonight we Build

Not much happening around here tonight. We have our old roommate Robert and his new girlfriend over. Bill got his tower order in at work today, so him and Robert are in the dining room putting his new pc together. I’m sitting in the living room, on the laptop, watching the season premiere of Deadliest Catch and playing with kittens.

Though I can’t wait for the tower to be done and started. Bill put together a beast of a box, as it was a bonus from his boss at work for the awesome job he’s been doing recently. I’ll make sure to post pictures I’ve taken and his parts list when it’s done. It’s gonna be awesome and we’re probably going to be building me a new rig in a couple months as well!

We Have Laundry on Farm

An exchange Bill and I had whilst doing laundry at the laundromat this evening:

Me: It’s nice having all the laundry done for once.
Bill: Yeah, it’s kind of like raid night. We have it on farm.
Me: Yeah. And we got lots of loot.
Bill: (pointing at the folded pants) Look at all those legs.
Me: (pointing at the hung up shirts) And all those chest pieces.

Yeah… we are that level of dork.

Spring Has Sprung

So after having a miserable start to Spring that has included snow in April, today was the first day it has truly felt like Spring here. To top it off, we even had a daffodil finally sprout out in our front yard. I’m so excited! We also fired up the grill tonight for the first time since the fall and had burgers and hot dogs. Now I just have to hope this non-frigid cold temperatures thing keeps up, because I’m sick of it.


I’m exhausted from working a 12+ hour day today, so I shall simply post a picture I got with my phone while outside on a quick break today. We went to the MidOhio Tartan Day celebration as a vendor. It was really cool, I got to listen to bagpipes and watch Scottish highlands dancers all day and one of the outdoor shows they had besides the sporting events was a herding demonstration. These are the sheep the border collies were herding.

Friday 5 for April 8: A Certain Song

Friday Five!

1. At what age did you realize you are no longer young? Alternate question: At what age do you think you will no longer be young?
Never. I think mindset plays a huge role in staying youthful. So if I believe I am young, I think I will stay more youthful for life.

2. What was the longest line you ever had to stand in?
I stood in like to ride the Raptor at Cedar Point the year it opened for 6 hours. Totally worth the wait though.

3. In what way are you especially strong?
I’m a survivor. I’ve been through alot of loss and grief already in my life and at this point I respond quickly and know how to deal with it.

4. Who was the last person to inform you that you were wrong?
Most likely my husband. Not about anything serious, but he is never afraid to point out flaws in my thinking.

5. When did you last have to bid someone so long?
No clue honestly.