I Got A New Job, Again!

As some people probably noticed I tweeted last week about having a job interview. While I do like my job, I occasionally check job postings to see what is out there. Well the other day I had been browsing through CraigsList job postings when I came across one for a Mac Operator. At the time I wasn’t sure what the job was, but the ad said it provided full training, all they wanted was someone with experience in the Apple OS and Adobe Software. So I applied and I got called in for an interview last Wednesday.

I went in and found out that what I would be doing is working in the Art Department of a production plant on a Mac, loading company logo’s onto templates in illustrator, checking them for accuracy, and then sending them to the production floor for printing on things like keychains, luggage tags, coin purses, etc. Needless to say I was stoked. The interview took about an hour, and at the end they told me I should hear from them by the end of the week. I got home and not even 2 hours later I got a call offering me the position!

I am so excited for so many reasons about this. While I don’t mind working in retail, I despise the hours, and holidays, and mean customers. Going back to working in an office monday through friday is what I’ve been hoping for. I want to be home every night to cook dinner. I want to know that I have holidays off with my family. I want to know what my schedule is every week, so that I can have a schedule for myself at home.

My last day at Piercing Pagoda will be May 27th, and I should start at my new job the following week I believe. I’m so excited about this, I can’t wait!

Family Recipe’s!

IMG_2355I got the most awesome package ever in the mail today. My Aunt LeighAnne commented on my Facebook last week saying I should expect a package to come sometime soon. She said it had things in it she thought I might want. I get home from work today and I stop at the end of the road to grab the mail and our mailman pulls up and tells me he just dropped a package on my porch. So I raced up the hill to the house to find out what my Aunt sent me.

To my utter surprise it was my grandmother, and both great grandmothers recipe’s! I was so shocked I sat down on the porch and damn near started balling my eyes out. I grew up eating my grandmothers food every single holiday, and now I have all of her recipe’s! I think I may end up making a sub domain and typing up all the recipe’s for ease of use. That and so I can’t ever lose them.

IMG_2350Also in the box were some of my favorite ornaments from my grandmothers Christmas tree, as well as my grandmother and granddad’s passports, and my granddad’s international driving permit. It was so cool getting to look at their passports, see their pictures and information and everything. There was also a letter my Mom had typed for my granddad in it.

I’m just beyond thrilled and excited to have all of their recipe’s! I can’t wait to dig in and make something now!

4 Dead in Ohio

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Kent State Shootings. Being that I had today off, I grabbed my camera and headed down to campus to take some pictures, walk around campus, and listen to the speakers. I got there just in time to listen to the time-line of the events leading up to the May 4th massacre.

At 12:24 pm, the time that the Ohio National Guard opened fire on the demonstrators, they rang the liberty bell on the grassy commons. They also released doves. In all it only took 13 seconds and 67 bullets to kill 4 students and wound 9. Words don’t really cover the historical significance of the Kent State Shootings. It was beautiful out today, and being the big history nerd I am, I found it very humbling to be down on campus for the anniversary. Without further ado, some pictures:


Ringing the liberty bell.


Shot of the crowd.


Shot of the crowd from up the hill. Also shows the daffodils planted for every soldier that died in the Vietnam War on the hillside.


Memorial marker in the parking lot.


William Schroeder


Allison Krause


Sandra Scheuer


Jeffrey Miller


View of the parking lot and memorial markers.


Speaker up on the stage.


People wrote messages with chalk all over the ground in the parking lot.