Puppies Take 2

As some may know, we had a litter of puppies last August:

Newborn puppies take 1.

That litter resulted in us keeping the beautiful Rynna:

Rynna waiting to pick up her Daddy from work at 7 months.

3 were rehomed locally, and 2 went to the lovely Amanda:

The last night Rynna, Chip, and Sierra were together at 9 weeks.

Everyone loved the puppies so much, and we had such an interest in having more, we decided to have another litter. That litter made it’s arrival on the morning of March 29th:

Newborn puppies, only 1 hour old.
Puppy pile, only 3 days old.
Sleepy week old puppies.

We ended up with a pretty even breakdown like last time. 3 black and tan, 3 solid white. 2 black and tan males and 1 female. 2 female solid whites and 1 male. I’m excited for their eyes to open to see if we get any with blue eyes again.

As far as homes, both black and tan males have a home so far, 1 is going to a coworker, and the other is going to Amanda’s MIL out near his big brother and sister. The black and tan female might be staying, because Bill is absolutely in love with her.¬†All funds from the puppies are going directly into our IVF fund as well, so that helps.

Needless to say, it’s impossible to have a bad day right now. All I have to do is come home and grab some puppies to snuggle and everything is perfect again.

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