This past year started as one of the worst years in my entire life and towards the end became one of the best. Because this post could be super rambly and a million miles long, I am going to just list it all out…


  • Dad was in and out of nursing homes, was finally put into a good one at the end of the month.
  • Chris and I had our 4 year anniversary.
  • Went on some job interviews.


  • Played lots of WoW, my guild killed Kael and we started Hyjal.
  • Found out Dad had emphysema.


  • Went to the hospital with a really bad cold.
  • Turned 26.
  • Played lots more WoW.


  • Got really depressed.
  • Dad was in and out of the nursing home and hospital.
  • My guild cleared Hyjal.


  • Continued to be depressed about Dad.
  • Considered making my shaman my main for my guild.
  • My guild got to Illidan in BT.


  • My brother moved out.
  • Made myself be more social.
  • Went on some more job interviews.
  • Chris and I started fighting.
  • We sold my car.
  • Made Dad a DNR and put him in hospice care.


  • Chris left me.
  • Got a job interview at SageRock.
  • Saw my cousin Chris.
  • Dad died.
  • Stayed at Uncle Jeff’s.
  • Went to Derby Downs with Rachel.


  • Started working at SageRock.
  • Dated around some.


  • Met and started dating Bill.
  • Got my money.
  • Moved in with Bill.
  • Got my first laptop and my iPhone.


  • Did some more much needed shopping.
  • Bought my car.
  • Went to Rachel and John’s for the bachelor/bachelorette party and Kent halloween.
  • Got hired in at work.
  • Was a bridesmaid in Rachel and Johns wedding.


  • Voted.
  • Spent Thanksgiving with Uncle Jeff, Bill, Dustin, and Joe.
  • Met Bill’s Mom on Thanksgiving.


  • Had an amazing Christmas with Bill, Dustin, Uncle Jeff, and Joe.

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