Since Bill and I are now actively working on some of the wedding planning, I figured I would share!

Date: September 9, 2009

Colors: Black, White, Pink

Flowers “motif”: Cherry blossoms. My bouquet will most likely be silk Calla lilies, cherry blossoms, and I am having 2 yellow roses and a daffodil added in to it. The two yellow roses stand for my maternal grandmother, and my Aunt Paulie, and the daffodil is for my Mom.

Wedding Party: My best friend Rachel, Bills ex and friend Rachel, Bills brother Dustin, and his best friend Robert. We decided to break it down as a maid and matron of honor since my best friend is married, and have two best men.

Cake: Bill’s Mom is a baker and works for an amazing bakery in Cleveland. We’re getting a 4 or 5 tier cake from them with a beautiful white star pattern that sweeps up the front with most likely alternating pink and black icing per tier.

Food: This comes down to what time we set. If we go for noon or one we are doing simple finger foods. If we do it around 3 we’re going to do it BBQ/picnic style. We’re asking guests that in lieu of a gift they bring their favorite dish, depending on the meal we choose. Bill is pushing for actual food no matter the time though so that’s most likely what we’ll do. If that’s the case, we are providing meats, and drinks, and what not. Guests bring covered dishes.

This is what we have so far. Cake tasting is this weekend, as well as scoping out a couple locations in Brecksville for the ceremony. Time will have alot to do with location I’m sure.

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